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Selected Families and Individuals

Lewis Lanier [Parents] was born in 1753. He died in 1792. The cause of death was drowned in the Ogeechee River during a flash flood.. He married Margarett (Lanier) in Dublin County, North Carolina.


Margarett (Lanier).Margarett married Lewis Lanier in Dublin County, North Carolina.

They had the following children:

  M i John Lanier
  M ii Frederick Lanier
  F iii Margaret Lanier was born in 1782.
  F iv Elizabeth Lanier
  M v Benjamin Lanier
  M vi Lewis Lanier

Lewis Lanier [Parents] was born in 1789. He died on 24 Mar 1869. He married Celeste Pridgen.


Celeste Pridgen.Celeste married Lewis Lanier.

Benjamin Lanier [Parents] was born in 1786. He died in Aug 1854 in Madison County, Florida. He married Sarah Pridgen on 24 Sep 1805 in Bullock County, Georgia.

Sarah Pridgen.Sarah married Benjamin Lanier on 24 Sep 1805 in Bullock County, Georgia.


They had the following children:

  F i Nancy Ann Lanier was born in 1806. She died on 5 Jan 1887.
  M ii Gipson S. Lanier
  M iii Lewis Lanier
  M iv Luke Pridgen Lanier
  M v Andrew Jackson Lanier
  M vi David S. Lanier
  F vii Lucinda Lanier
  F viii Harriet Lanier
  M ix Rowan J. Lanier
  F x Jane Lanier
  M xi Frederick S. Lanier

Joseph Fletcher.Joseph married Elizabeth Lanier.

Elizabeth Lanier [Parents] was born in 1784. She married Joseph Fletcher.


Frederick Lanier [Parents] was born in 1780. He died on 13 Sep 1845. He married Elizabeth Studstill.


Elizabeth Studstill.Elizabeth married Frederick Lanier.

John Lanier [Parents] was born in 1778. He died in 1855. He married Nancy Fitzpatrick.


Nancy Fitzpatrick.Nancy married John Lanier.

Frederick S. Lanier [Parents] was born in 1829. He married Mary Williams.

Mary Williams.Mary married Frederick S. Lanier.

Joshua Kemps.Joshua married Jane Lanier.

Jane Lanier [Parents] was born in 1827. She married Joshua Kemps.

Rowan J. Lanier [Parents] was born in 1825. He married Emmeline Jordan.

Emmeline Jordan.Emmeline married Rowan J. Lanier.

Lawrence Farrell.Lawrence married Harriet Lanier.

Harriet Lanier [Parents] was born in 1824. She married Lawrence Farrell.

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