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Selected Families and Individuals

Robert McKinney.Robert married Lucinda Lanier.

Lucinda Lanier [Parents] was born in 1822. She married Robert McKinney.

David S. Lanier [Parents] was born in 1819. He died in 1874. He married Felista Hale.

Felista Hale.Felista married David S. Lanier.

Andrew Jackson Lanier [Parents] was born in 1815. He died in Lafayette County, Florida. He married Rebecca (Lanier).

Rebecca (Lanier).Rebecca married Andrew Jackson Lanier.

Luke Pridgen Lanier [Parents] was born in 1813. He died on 1 Oct 1856. He married Mary B. Williams.

Mary B. Williams.Mary married Luke Pridgen Lanier.

Lewis Lanier [Parents] was born in 1810. He married Mary Lucretia Ross.

Mary Lucretia Ross.Mary married Lewis Lanier.

Gipson S. Lanier [Parents] was born in 1808. He was buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Madison County, Florida. He married Aliff (Lanier) about 1835 in Georgia.


Aliff (Lanier) was born on 26 Jan 1812 in Georgia. She died on 21 Apr 1881. She was buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Madison County, Florida. She married Gipson S. Lanier about 1835 in Georgia.

They had the following children:

  M i Martin Lanier was born about 1836.
  M ii Clem Lanier was born in 1838. He died in 1908.
  M iii George Paul Lanier was born in 1838.
  M iv Jackson Lanier was born about 1839.
  F v Marjourie Lanier was born about 1841.
  F vi Amanda Lanier was born about 1843.
  F vii Mary J. Lanier was born on 10 Mar 1846. She died on 10 Jan 1903.
  F viii Jane E. Lanier was born about 1846.
  M ix Robert Lanier was born about 1849.
  M x James Wiley Lanier was born in 1851. He died in 1940.
  F xi Julia Estelle Lanier was born on 22 Sep 1852. She died on 29 Jan 1928.

Jeronimo Bassano was born before 1490 in probably Bassano del Grappa, Venice, Italy. He died about 1545 in Venice, Italy.


He had the following children:

  M i Anthony Bassano
  M ii Jacomo Bassano
  M iii Alvise Bassano died in 1554. [Notes]
  M iv Jasper Bassano died in 1577.
  M v John Bassano died in 1570.
  M vi Baptista Bassano.[Notes]

Jacomo Bassano [Parents] died in 1566. He married Orsetta Griti before 1540.

Orsetta Griti.Orsetta married Jacomo Bassano before 1540.

Beneditto De Nazzi.


He had the following children:

  F i Elina De Nazzi

Thomas Swetnam.Thomas married Hannah Lanier in 1655.

Hannah Lanier [Parents] was born on 13 Feb 1628/1629 in Greenwich, Kent County, England. She was buried on 6 Nov 1661. She married Thomas Swetnam in 1655.


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