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Felix B. Thornton [Parents] was born on 20 May 1838 in Fayette County, Georgia. He died on 18 May 1862. He married Nancy (Thornton).

Nancy (Thornton).Nancy married Felix B. Thornton.

William H. Stanley was born in Georgia . He died before 1880. He married Anna Thornton.

Anna Thornton [Parents] was born on 5 Oct 1833 in Georgia . She died on 24 May 1914. She married William H. Stanley.


They had the following children:

  F i Malissa Stanley was born about 1856 in Georgia .
  F ii Roxy A. Stanley was born about 1858 in Georgia .
  F iii Mary E. Stanley was born about 1859 in Georgia .
  F iv Francis Stanley was born about 1861 in Georgia .
  M v Felix Stanley was born about 1862 in Georgia .

Herod Thornton Sr. was born on 13 Feb 1778. He died on 8 Nov 1855. He married Jenefer Lee McClenney.

Jenefer Lee McClenney [Parents] "Jincy" was born on 5 Nov 1811 in Georgia. She died on 8 Feb 1877. She married Herod Thornton Sr..

Other marriages:
Thornton, Blackman

They had the following children:

  M i Haywood Thornton Sr.
  F ii Caroline Thornton
  M iii Herod Thornton Jr.

Haywood Thornton Sr. [Parents] was born on 13 Mar 1821 in Georgia. He died on 26 Oct 1864 in Rock Island, Illinois, while a prisoner of the Civil War. He married Mary Jackson on 11 Jul 1847.

Mary Jackson was born on 1 May 1826 in Georgia. She died before 1880. She married Haywood Thornton Sr. on 11 Jul 1847.

They had the following children:

  M i Herod Thornton was born on 15 May 1849 in <Georgia>. He died on 22 Sep 1877.
  M ii Jordon Thornton
  F iii Elizabeth Thornton
  M iv Haywood Thornton Jr.
  M v Bennett Thornton
  F vi Mary Thornton

Saint Lewis.Saint married Mary Thornton.

Mary Thornton [Parents] "Mittie" was born about 1862 in Georgia. She married Saint Lewis.


Bennett Thornton [Parents] was born on 24 Sep 1858 in Georgia. He died on 5 Mar 1917. He married Unity Ann Eason.


Unity Ann Eason was born on 8 Mar 1854. She married Bennett Thornton.

Haywood Thornton Jr. [Parents] was born about 1856 in Georgia. He married Julia Bishop.


Julia Bishop.Julia married Haywood Thornton Jr..

Asbury Florence Parker.Asbury married Elizabeth Thornton.

Elizabeth Thornton [Parents] was born on 25 Aug 1854 in Georgia. She married Asbury Florence Parker.


Jordon Thornton [Parents] was born on 12 Mar 1850 in Georgia. He died on 31 Mar 1926. He married Mary Thornton.


Mary Thornton was born on 10 Nov 1850 in Georgia. She died on 20 Jun 1930. She married Jordon Thornton.

They had the following children:

  F i Irine Thornton was born about 1872 in Georgia.
  F ii Ruth Thornton was born about 1874 in Georgia.
  M iii Charles Thornton was born about 1877 in Georgia.
  F iv Maud Thornton was born about 1879 in Georgia.

John May Springer.John married Elizabeth Landrum.

Elizabeth Landrum [Parents] was born about 1793. She married John May Springer.


They had the following children:

  F i Lydia Springer
  F ii Canzada Tynes Springer
  F iii Ann Springer
  M iv John May Springer Jr. was born in 1834. He died in 1862. The cause of death was measles/pneumonia in the American Civil War.
  M v "Doc" Springer.
  M vi Zachariah Springer.
  U vii Unk Springer.
  U viii Unk2 Springer.

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