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Selected Families and Individuals


Gipson S. Lanier

It is believed that the 'S' might stand for Sloan, but this is not confirmed. While family tradition states that he was born in South Carolina, evidence lists his place of birth as Georgia, probably Bulloch County.
According to census records they moved to Madison County, Florida around 1842. His parents and many of his siblings also moved to Madison County, Florida.

Jeronimo Bassano

Bassano name is possibly Jewish in origin with a possible beginning of Ponte Bassanensis.

Alvise Bassano

One known daughter.

Baptista Bassano

Never married, but had two children.

Beneditto De Nazzi

Beneditto de Nazzi is pressumably from the Nazzi province of Italy though this is an assumption.

Hannah Lanier

Credited with raising siblings after death of their mother.