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Selected Families and Individuals


Benjamin Lanier

Benjamin had a total of seven children.

Robert Lanier Sr.

They had four children.

Sampson Lanier

They had seven children.

John Lanier

Listed in royal court.

On November 17, 1582, Ambrosio Graso, a violinist, and Guillaume Van de Borra, a sackbut player, both of them members or the Musick, were drowned at Windsor. John took the place of Van de Borra. Also played the flute as a substitute for the incapacitated Peter Guy and played at the funeral of Henry VIII.

7 children including famed artist-musician Nicholas the Younger

Frances Galliardello

Family of Italian muscians.

Benjamin Lanier

Benjamin had five children.

Benjamin Lanier

Benjamin had five children.

Hardy Lanier

Hardy had one child.

Lemuel Lanier Jr.

Two known children.