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Selected Families and Individuals


John Merritt Landrum Sr.

U.S. Social Security Death Index: John LANDRUM; Birth Date: 13 Mar 1888; Death Date: Jul 1977
Social Security Number: 436-62-8856; State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Louisiana
Death Residence Localities; ZIP Code: 71202
Localities (all in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana): Logtown, Monroe, Richwood,
Death Benefit Localities: Zip Code: 71201
Localities (all in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana): Bosco, Corey, Fondale, Lamkin, Monroe, Northeast, Pine Grove, Town And Country

Note: John R. Thacker ( help provide information on the Thacker, Sims, Landrum and Wallace's of this branch.

Francis Roundtree Sr.

Note: Francis is the first Roundtree in America.

About 1697 - Francis arrived in Virginia.

Will 30 Sept 1730, NC
Francis Rountreee wf and ex; sons: Francis, William Jesse, sons, John lands lying in North Carolina and Nansemond Co., VA where testator formerly lived daus; Rebecca, Susanna, Elizabeth and Christian Wit: Thomas Tasler, Thomas Hobbs, Isaac Pickinson (NC Will Abstracts by Grimes p 321)

Sarah Coleman

Sara Coleman is an immigrant to America.

John Roundtree

Listed in the 1704/05 Rent Roll of Virginia

Francis Roundtree Jr.

Note: 1704/05 Rent Roll of Virginia
The following Rountrees are listed as living in Nansemond County, 1704
John Roundtree
Robert Roundtree
Thomas Roundtree

FRANCIS ROUNTREE lived in Bennett’s Creek area along with Thomas Rountree, Robert Laciter, George Laciter and Nicholas Stallings.
Records of the Executive Council 1664-1724, page 389.

Francis Roundtree and others petitioned on 28 Mar 1702 to the President of the Council for protection against the Chowan Indians on land near Bennett's Creek. The petition states:

"The petition of Benjamin Blanshard, John Campbell, Thomas Spivey Francis Rountree, Robert Rountree, Robert Laciter, George Laciter and Nicolas Stallings in all humility, Complaineth.
Whereas every of your Honours petitioners hath a lawful right in and to considerable tracts of land lying and being within this Province and bounded upon Bennett's Creyke and a Creyke now known by the name of Garet's Creyke as by your Honours petitioners patents under the Seal of this Province and other grants and conveyances more at large doth and may appeare. And forasmuch as the Chowan Indians having their hunting quarters upon some of your petitioners land aforesaid therefore does pretend the said lands to be theirs notwithstanding the patents and grants aforesaid menacing and threatening your Honours petitioners by destroying their Stocks burning their houses and other hostilities under pretense they are under your Honours protection. And no Englishman ought to Seate within four miles of their Towne, the which your Honours petitioners well knowing that by an order of the Honorable Council no seatment ought to be made within the Space of four miles aforesaid any wish to the prejudice of said Indians neither hath your honours petitioners taken no land witingly within that distance, yet to continue peace and tranquility, with the Said Indians your Honours petitioners hath offered to purchase their right (if any) to the land held as aforesaid by your Honours petitioners which they refuse and denyeth any Seatment to be made thereon for prevention whereof and that your Honours petitioners may have peaceable enjoyment in their...lands..."

Note: Elias Stallings (b. 1704 in England, d. 1785), son of Nicholas Stallings, Jr., married Elizabeth Roundtree, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Roundtree, niece of this Francis Roundtree.

Will 13 Dec 1748, Johnston Co., NC

A will filed 13 Jul 1748 in Johnson County, North Carolina for a Francis Rountree lists sons: Kader, Francis, William and Moses and wife Mary.
[Sources are family, internet, and written word.]

Allen Kendrick Albritton

1850 Federal Census for Wilcox County, Alabama
789 32 ALBRETON Allen 56 NC pg00772.txt
789 33 ALBRETON Susan 49 GA pg00772.txt
789 34 ALBRETON James 23 AL pg00772.txt
789 35 ALBRETON George 21 AL pg00772.txt
789 36 ALBRETON Enoch 18 AL pg00772.txt
789 37 ALBRETON John 16 AL pg00772.txt
789 38 ALBRETON Mathew 15 AL pg00772.txt
789 39 ALBRETON Nancy 13 AL pg00772.txt
789 41 ALBRETON Mary 9 AL pg00772.txt
789 40 ALBRETON Allen 10 AL pg00772.txt
789 42 ALBRETON Henry 7 AL pg00772.txt

Old Snow Hill Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama
Allen ALBRITTON - no data Susannah ALBRITTON - no data (Buried in brick vaults on top of ground, now sunken in)