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Selected Families and Individuals


James Norton

Research needed for all of the following:
1840 Census for District 229, Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Norton, James
family consists of:
1 male under 5, (probably William, who is 20 in 1860)
1 male 20-30 (James should be about 38, but could be in error??)
1 female 20-30 (Catherine should be about 27)
This also fits a marriage in 1838 as noted above.

1860 Census for Georgia Militia District 229, P.O. Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia on 25 July, 1860
all born in Georgia
Norton, James, 48, mechanic, $1750/$3000
Calandar, 37
William J., 20, mechanic
James M., 16, farmer
Mary, 14
John, 12
Emma, 7
Susan, 5
Alice, 3
Sarah, 2
Unnamed male, (fits for Julia, except noted as male!) 3/12 (so if he/she is 3 months old on July 25, probably born about April/May 1860?? Or is this a child between Julia & Sarah?

1870 Federal Census for Maxeys, Oglethorpe County, Georgia on 18 June, 1870
all born in Georgia
Norton, James, 58. home carpenter, real estate value $1000/personal $500
Catherine C., 47
John, 22, home carpenter
Emma, 18
Susan, 15
Alice, 14
Sarah, 12
Julia, 10
Samuel, 4

next door, all single men
Black, Owen, 16, laborer
Black, Ned, 10
Norton, James M., 26, home carpenter, $500/$200
Colqurth(?), Jos. P., 32, sells goods, --/$500
(James owned the real estate - is he James Jr.?)

BUT...A James M. is also listed...
Daniel, Jno. B., 20, farm laborer
Daniel, Jame, 40, domestic servant
Daniel, Ann, 15
Norton, James M., 26, home carpenter (is this the same James M. Norton, listed twice - but maybe there are 2?) If they are the same 26 year old - was he working at one place, or related to them?

1880 Census for District 229
Norton, Catheran C.

1880 Census for Crawford, Oglethorpe, GA
John J. Norton, 32, single, home carpenter, listed as border with John McMahon, merchant

Thomas Norton listed in Oglethorpe Co, GA in 1800, no further info.

My GUESS from an MJ Norton decendant:
James (b. ~1812, d. bef 1880 census date) & Julia/Catherine/Catheran/Calandar (b. ~1823, d. aft 1880 census date)
Catherine possibly daughter of Benjamin Edwards (only Edwards in county & a neighbor)
were married in 1838 & had the following children
William J., b. 1840
James M., b. ~1844 - who probably married Lucy Hall
Mary, b. ~1846
John, b. ~1848
Emma, b. ~1853
Susan, b. ~1855
Alice, b. ~1857
Sarah, b. ~1858
Unnamed male, April.May 1860 (census may have sex incorrect & this is Julia)
Julia possibly 1860/61
Samuel b. ~1866

POSSIBLY...James' had a 1st wife named Julia, she died in childbirth with daughter Julia, and only Samuel is child of Catherine??
The age gap of 6 years between children is possibly a clue?? Or maybe only nature! The other children are spaced pretty evenly, and that may be why we find a marriage for James and Julia, but Catherine (all spellings) shows up in the census after 1860.
BUT, in 1860, that baby is only 3 months old, so if "Calandar" is a new wife, James moved pretty fast - unless is was perhaps his sister's wife? (Julia Edwards vs. Catherine Edwards) Maybe it is just a goofy thing with names, and all the same woman, but lots to consider.

James Matthew Norton

1880 Census for Oglethorpe County, Georgia, Dist 226
Hall, Hilliard, 68, farmer
Caroline, 79 wife
Margaret, sister, 74
Jane, 71, sister
NORTON, James M., 37, son in law
Lucy 30 (so, Lucy Hall is his wife's maiden name)
James H. 8
George M., 6
Carrie, 1