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Selected Families and Individuals


Benjamin Jackson Albritton

No known connection, research needed:
1910 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Texas
Albritton, page 117
Ben J Ben Chester Elizabeth Ora D

Page 114
Lavinia Mary Minnie

William Landrum

Marengo County, Alabama Marriage Book A, p. 96:
William Landrum & Nancy Gilmore, 24 Sep 1825, John Landrum, security. (note: "she was dau. of John, Rev. pensioner.")

"History of Grimes County, Texas," page 312, "Gilmore/Thomas Family":
* Nancy (b. 1808, Alabama) m. William Landrum 24 Sep 1825 * Anny (b. 1812, Alabama) m. William Hinson 27 Dec 1829

John Gilmore's will [Marengo County Will Book A, p. 229 -- same published reference, p. 41] dated 29 March 1841, probated January Term 1842, names:
* son, James Gilmore * son, John Gilmore * daughter Elizabeth Robin * son Thomas Gilmore * daughter, NANCY LANDRUM * son, William Gilmore * daughter, Anny Henson

Monday, November 18, 2002: I've Been Thinking, Historical Account of the Montgomery Area by Narcissa Martin Boulware - Old Dacus - Chapter 14
...we find William Landrum with his Mexican Land Grant being a citizen living near Old Dacus and being a devout Baptist amidst a great many devout Baptists such as the Wheeler’s, Lowery’s, Daniels’ and the large Uzzell family and supported by the fact that H.P. Fullenwider was hired as the teacher and that teacher Fullenwider was in Montgomery before 1840, we put the school on William Landrum’s plantation....

From William Landrum's (son of Zachariah) Montgomery County estate record:
"Estate of William Landrum 11 Nov 1848 Died 13 (or 15) October 1848 Executors: Nancy Landrum, wife, and Green D. Gay, son-in-law Inventory: 2357 acres in Montgomery Co. a part of the headright of Wm. Landrum's 800 acres in Montgomery Co., a part of T. Landrum's headright; a title bond for 400 acres a part of headright of James Rankin lying in Polk Co.; a title bond for 2302 acres part of the HEADRIGHT OF JOHN THOMAS LYING IN ROBINSON CO.; a title bond for 400 acres a part of headright of W. Bailey lying in Milam Co.; one note on E. G. Collier for $150.00; 3 notes on R. E. Pace; 15 slaves, 7 horses, 110 head of cattle, 7 head of sheep, 3 yoke of oxen, 1 wagon and 1 carryall. Separate property of Mrs. Landrum's: three negroes."

Sampson Lee Sr.

Other parents: William Lee and Ann Westbrook.

Sampson Lee, a co-executor with David Lee, of the will of Peter Lee, 1804, Sampson Co. He and his wife were willed 50 pounds and a feather bed.
Will of Sampson Lee, Washington Co., GA., 1828-1829.
Copy of the original in possession of J.W. Daniel, Florida, 1960
Heirs: Silas, Elias, Elam, William, Susan, a daughter who married Elam Dudley, and Temperance

Geain Lee

Sampson's cousin in Virginia.

Elizabeth Cooper

Elam's cousin.

Silas Lee

Possible Land Patents for LEE, SILAS
AL Pike 5/15/1837 Cahaba 23844 AL1600__.013
AL Pike 8/12/1837 Cahaba 30353 AL1720__.414
AL Conecuh 7/15/1824 Sparta 318 AL0600__.313
AL Pike 7/28/1838 Cahaba 34075 AL1800__.216
AL Pike 8/15/1837 Sparta 3617 AL2170__.081
AL Pike 8/15/1837 Sparta 3618 AL2170__.082
AL Pike 8/15/1837 Sparta 3619 AL2170__.083
AL Pike 7/1/1841 Sparta 6124 AL2220__.111
AL Pike 7/1/1841 Sparta 6125 AL2220__.112
AL Pike 8/1/1853 Sparta 12845 AL2340__.123

Asa Lee

Research needed:
Deeds Of Marion County Mississippi
Survey made by James Phillips for David Ford on Feb 19, 1818. Contains 360 acres one quarter & eighteen poles, Henry Mitchell & Asa Lee sworn as chain bearers.

Possible Land Patents for LEE, ASA
MS Lincoln 3/12/1825 Jackson 870 MS0090__.352
AL Bullock 10/10/1840 Montgomery 7127 AL4320__.084
AL Macon 10/10/1840 Montgomery 7544 AL4320__.494
LA Lincoln 1/10/1851 Monroe 10406 LA1050__.295
LA Lincoln 9/1/1852 Monroe 11447 LA1070__.179
LA Lincoln 9/1/1852 Monroe 11533 LA1070__.232
LA Bienville 9/1/1852 Monroe 11775 LA1070__.449
MS Carroll 2/27/1841 Columbus 22755 MS1280__.006
MS Carroll 2/27/1841 Columbus 22756 MS1280__.005