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Selected Families and Individuals


James Saul-Sawles

1880 United States Census for Precinct 8, Williamson, Texas
Family History Library Film 1255333, NA Film Number T9-1333, Page Number 584C
Name Relation Marital Gender Race Age Birth Occupation Father' Mother
James SAWLES Self M Male W 47 TX Farmer --- ---
Hanner SAWLES Wife M Female W 45 AL Keeps House --- ---
Marady SAWLES Son S Male W 19 TX Works On Farm TX AL
James G. SAWLES Son S Male W 17 TX Works On Farm TX AL
Julia SAWLES Dau S Female W 14 TX At Home TX AL
Nancy E. SAWLES Dau S Female W 12 TX At Home TX AL
John P. SAWLES Son S Male W 9 TX At Home TX AL
Sarah CRAWFORD Other S Female W 4 TX Orphan --- ---
N. RANDOLPH Other S Female W 42 TX With Sister --- ---

Research needed, a few households away, possibly a son:
1880 United States Census
Name Relation Marital Gender Race Age Birth Occupation Father Mother
G. M. SAWLES OR SAULS Self M Male W 23 TX Farmer TX TX
Mary A. SAWLES OR SAULS Wife M Female W 19 IL Keeps House --- ---
Minnie B. SAWLES OR SAULS Dau S Female W 1 TX At Home TX IL
Precinct 8, Williamson, Texas
Family History Library Film 1255333, NA Film Number T9-1333, Page Number 584C

Levi Jack Neatherland Sr.

War of 1812 - Levi was inducted into the army, and served as a private with Capt. H. Runnel's Company of Nixon's 13th Regiment of the Mississippi Militia. At the close of the war his service was terminated on March 10, 1815 at Ft. Claiborne. Due to his service he was able to applied for 40 acres of land. He received the land on March 25, 1852.

Levi and Margaret went to Louisiana to visit Levi's son. Five months into the visit Levi died.

Isham Neatherlin

Research needed to determine is this is our Isham:
Isham Nettles Birth: About 1815 , , Louisiana
Marriage: About 1836 , , Louisiana
Wife: Louise Barker Birth: 1817 , Ouachita, Louisiana
1. Angeline Nettles Female Birth: 02 OCT 1837, Caldwell, Louisiana, Death: 28 FEB 1904
2. James Nettles Male Birth: About 1840, Caldwell, Louisiana
3. Cynthia Nettles Female Birth: About 1843 , Caldwell, Louisiana
4. Thomas Nettles Male Birth: About 1844 , Caldwell, Louisiana
5. Frances Nettles Female Birth: About 1846 , Caldwell, Louisiana
6. Flecther Nettles Male Birth: About 1849 , Caldwell, Louisiana
7. Ben B. Nettles Male Birth: About 1852 , Caldwell, Louisiana
8. Emma Nettles Female Birth: About 1857 , Caldwell, Louisiana

Samuel Harrell

From Fort Adams, in now Wilkerson County, Mississippi, his father's family moved about forty miles into what they thought to be Mississippi Territory. There, Samuel and his brothers and sisters divided their father's property among themselves and all settled near each other on Boner Creek. When the state line was run they found that they had located in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

Sarah Neatherlin

Believed to be of Scotchish descent.
lived in Georgia to 1802 near Fort Adams, Mississippi & East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.
Sarah had a total of 13 children.

Lewis Solomon Neatherlin

Another birth place: Louisiana or Tennessee.
Another death date: October 2, 1868.

A Census's shows he was born in Tennessee. Soloman appears to be the son of William and Rachel Leatherlin/Neatherlin and William the son of James Leatherlin of Georgia. The family had been in America quite sometime before Soloman's birth. Information provided by Notha Stevens:

Lewis Solomon came to Texas from Mississippi. Solomon and his family settled in Williamson County, Texas where his sister, Dicy Netherlin, and her husband, Saul, had settled.

1880 Federal Census for Frio County, Texas
Franklin claims his mother was born in Alabama. Some say she was born in Georgia.
Franklin listed his father's place of birth as Louisiana.

The name Neatherlin has many spelling variations the most common of which are Neatherlin and Netherland. There is a family story that the name was originally Leatherlin and was English.

Accounts of the family were found in early 1600 Massachusetts church records. The early ancestor was a bond servant who worked off his time and altered his name.

He had one brother John whose wherabouts are unknown. Some say he and John were orphans who were raised by William and Rachel who were probably their aunt and uncle.

The family was traveling in west Texas in a covered wagon when Soloman got pneumonia and died. He was buried at the side of the trail and later, family members were unable to find the place. Later generations of the family changed the spelling of the name many ways.

Another death date/place: October 2, 1868 in Williamson County, Texas.
Another birth place: Tennessee.