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Selected Families and Individuals

Stephen Turner.Stephen married Mary Polly Roundtree on 16 Jul 1782.

Mary Polly Roundtree [Parents] was born about 1760. She died in 1823. She married Stephen Turner on 16 Jul 1782.

Blackmore Hughes Jr..Blackmore married Nancy Roundtree on 22 Dec 1783.

Nancy Roundtree [Parents] was born about 1758. She married Blackmore Hughes Jr. on 22 Dec 1783.

Other marriages:
Pulliam, John

John Pulliam.John married Nancy Roundtree in 1807.

Nancy Roundtree [Parents] was born about 1758. She married John Pulliam in 1807.

Other marriages:
Hughes, Blackmore Jr.

John Mann.John married Susan Roundtree on 17 Jun 1794.

Susan Roundtree [Parents] was born about 1772. She married John Mann on 17 Jun 1794.

Nathaniel Roundtree [Parents] was born on 16 May 1760. He died after 1832. He married Elizabeth Worley on 24 Feb 1783.

Elizabeth Worley.Elizabeth married Nathaniel Roundtree on 24 Feb 1783.


They had the following children:

  M i Turner Roundtree.

Dudley Roundtree Jr. [Parents] was born in 1768. He died on 29 Nov 1839. He married Martha Richardson on 6 May 1790.

Martha Richardson was born in 1769. She married Dudley Roundtree Jr. on 6 May 1790.

They had the following children:

  M i Turner Richardson Roundtree
  F ii Elizabeth Roundtree
  M iii John D. Roundtree
  M iv Charles Roundtree was born in <Kentucky>. [Notes]
  M v Dudley R. Roundtree

Turner Richardson Roundtree [Parents] was born in 1795 in <Kentucky>. He married Polly Ferguson on 12 Jan 1815.

Polly Ferguson.Polly married Turner Richardson Roundtree on 12 Jan 1815.

George W. Fitzhugh was born about 1790. He died in 1863. He married Elizabeth Roundtree on 19 Dec 1816.

Elizabeth Roundtree [Parents] was born on 24 Aug 1798 in <Kentucky>. She died on 7 Mar 1884. She married George W. Fitzhugh on 19 Dec 1816.

They had the following children:

  F i Frances Louisa Fitzhugh was born on 22 Mar 1832.

John D. Roundtree [Parents] was born on 11 Apr 1800 in Kentucky. He died before 1880. He married Dosha Fugua on 11 Apr 1821.


Dosha Fugua was born 1 in 1803 in Virginia. She married John D. Roundtree on 11 Apr 1821.


They had the following children:

  F i Louisa Roundtree was born about 1833 in Illinois.
  M ii Son Roundtree

Dudley R. Roundtree [Parents] was born in <Kentucky>. He married Living.


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