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Selected Families and Individuals

Jas Brewer.Jas married Valera Neatherlin.

Valera Neatherlin [Parents] was born about 1834 in Monticello, Lawrence County, Mississippi. She married Jas Brewer.

J. Carlyle.J. married Mary Elizabeth Neatherlin.

Mary Elizabeth Neatherlin [Parents] was born about 1835. She married J. Carlyle.

B. W. Smith.B. married Catherine S. B. Harrell.

Catherine S. B. Harrell [Parents] was born about 1810. She married B. W. Smith.

Henry Carter.Henry married Maria Harrell.

Maria Harrell [Parents] was born about 1812. She married Henry Carter.


Nancy Harrell [Parents].Nancy married Living.

George W. Harrell [Parents] was born about 1815. He married W. Beard.

W. Beard.W. married George W. Harrell.

Levi W. Harrell [Parents] was born about 1818. He married O. B. Faust.

O. B. Faust.O. married Levi W. Harrell.

Bejamine F. Harrell [Parents] was born about 1820 in North Carolina. He married M. Roberts.


M. Roberts.M. married Bejamine F. Harrell.

John C. Lambert.

He had the following children:

  M i Andrew Lambert

William Fuller [Parents] was born about 1840 in Mississippi. He married Martha McLeod on 5 Jan 1860 in Lawrence, Newton County, Mississippi.


Martha McLeod.Martha married William Fuller on 5 Jan 1860 in Lawrence, Newton County, Mississippi.

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