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Selected Families and Individuals


Missouri Lee [Parents].Missouri married Living.


Eliza Lee [Parents].Eliza married Living.

Elam F. Lee [Parents] was born about 1870 in Mississippi. He married Anne Warden.

Anne Warden.Anne married Elam F. Lee.

Nathan W. Lee [Parents] was born about 1867 in Mississippi. He married Arvansena Davis.

Arvansena Davis.Arvansena married Nathan W. Lee.

Dolphus Lee [Parents].Dolphus married Living.


William Lee [Parents].William married Living.


James T. Warden was born about 1823 in Mississippi. He married Mary Ann Lee.


Mary Ann Lee [Parents] was born on 12 Sep 1828 in Mississippi. She married James T. Warden.

They had the following children:

  F i Prucilla C. Warden was born about 1861 in Mississippi.
  F ii Sarah S. Warden was born about 1864 in Mississippi.
  F iii Louisa F. Warden was born about 1867 in Mississippi.
  M iv James B. Warden was born about 1871 in Mississippi.

Jesse Monroe Lee [Parents] was born in 1830. He married 1 Hester Ann Rouse on 30 Dec 1853 in Marion County, Mississippi.

Hester Ann Rouse.Hester married 1 Jesse Monroe Lee on 30 Dec 1853 in Marion County, Mississippi.

William Davis.William married Julia Ann Lee on 9 Nov 1851.

Julia Ann Lee [Parents] was born in 1824 in Marion County, Mississippi. She married William Davis on 9 Nov 1851.

Thomas Jefferson Lee [Parents] was born in 1840. He married Martha Myers.

Martha Myers.Martha married Thomas Jefferson Lee.

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