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Selected Families and Individuals


John Bunyon Lenard

1Tombstone - Lenard, J. B., Luna Methodist Cemetery, 15 miles south of West Monroe, Hightway 34 to Highway 557 to Luna, Left on Red Cut Road, South end about 1 mile on Right Junction.
"John Bunyon, Birth: January 2, 1903, Death: July 31, 1978, Papa s/o David Ferdinand.".

Paul Hilton Lenard

1Tombstone - Lenard, P. H..
"Paul Hilton Lenard, Birth: April 18, 1901, Death: April 23, 1983.".

Pauline Lenard

1Tombstone - Lenard, P..
"Pauline Lenard, Born: March 13, 1948, Death: April 13, 1948, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Paul.".